I am proud of these all natural growing methods. While not yet certified as "ORGANIC" , my seeds are all organic, heirloom varieties. Certification may be a future option although many customers are happy with simply knowing their veggies are all naturally grown.
Seed is all certified 100% organic and is purchased from
either Johnnies Selected Seed or Seeds of Change. Both
are highly recomended, and have many varieties of certified
organic, heirloom seed and plants.
Ground care
Only roto tilling and hand hoeing methods are used.
No weed inhibitors, either spray or granualar are used.
Only all natural and organic composting materials are used.
No purchased fertilizer. Not even those labeled or called all
natural or organic.
I use captured rain water from my homebuilt system whenever possible. Also
       water from the on site well is used, as well as water from my sistern. For
      hydro cooling and cleaning , I use city water.
   I also have a refrigerated trailer that allows my freshly picked
   and cooled vegetables to be kept fresh and crisp all the way to
   your door or market. Your vegetables are placed in the cooler
  and remain there until you recieve them.