Heirloom vegetables- those old, open pollinated varieties that have stood the test of time, have become popular again, and for good reason. The best of them are among the finest vegetables known to man.They would be well worth growing for their mouth-watering flavors alone,but they also have other important qualities. Traits encoded in their DNA could someday prove critical to feeding the world.
  And there is more. There is just something aout their wonderfull shapes,sizes and colors that I find
simply amazing to grow..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     They also vary in traits you can't see, taste, hardiness and adaptability
There are hundreds of varieties of Heirlooms today. Many would have been lost, but seed saving gardeners kept them alive Some Heirlooms never hit the big time. They were regional family favorites that are just now coming back. I hope you'll enjoy mine.