My goal here at the White
Chimney Farm, is to provide all naturally grown
(from certified organic seed) produce , of the old "Heirloom" varieties. This is accomplished by using        the "SPIN" method of farming. Spin stands for, Small Plot Intensive Relay. With this method, there is a freshly harvested supply of produce for market each week, and keeps crop rotation active for the best of soil health.
This year I'm proud to be a Member/Grower with GEFA, The Good Earth Food Alliance and am looking forward to many new challenges and opportunities there. I am also planning for the Peoria Riverfront Market
and also the Spring and Fall indoor markets at the Methodist Atrium again this season. My new hoophouse is finally up and growing and will allow for a much longer growing season. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends again this year and making many new friends.